Wardrobe Fast Days 9+10

I’m joining the Write 31 Days Challenge hosted by Crystal Stine to get my blog juices flowing and chronicle my Wardrobe Fast journey. You can find the first post in the series here.


Day 9

I felt fine about my Tuesday clothes, but the rest of life was wearing me out. 😉

Day 10

And we’re back to Wednesday’s outfit. I have to say, when I’m wearing something I enjoy and feel comfortable in, I feel just a tiny spring in my step. I’m learning that I’m a big fan of the clothes I’ve picked for this challenge, and I’m curious to see how I feel about the garbage bag full of other stuff that I squirreled away in the laundry room.

Yes, that’s right: I took everything else out of my drawers (except for some jammies and workout gear) so that I have less to look at when it’s time to get dressed–though it doesn’t matter much since my clothes are already pre-chosen because of the Fast.

It’s freeing and makes me wonder why my drawers were so full to begin with. If I’m happy with just these things, do I really need more? The answer I think, ultimately, is yes and no.

I don’t really need more than these seven outfits, but each piece would probably last longer if it were rotated in less frequently. However, if I’m happy with these pieces, I could see trying to duplicate them with something similar.

Not to be gross, but before re-starting this challenge, I had started wearing my clothes two (or even three!) days in a row if they weren’t sweaty, smelly, or dirty. I’d simply take them off for bed and put them back on in the morning.

I could see where the magic number of tops (for me) would be 12-14, some more casual and some fancier. If they were worn two days in a row, that would mean I would only wear a shirt once a month-ish. And that sounds pretty comfortable for right now.

Do you have a system for your clothes? I’d love to hear about it!


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