Wardrobe Fast Days 11+12

I’m joining the Write 31 Days Challenge hosted by Crystal Stine to get my blog juices flowing and chronicle my Wardrobe Fast journey. You can find the first post in the series here.


Day 11

(No photo; I took an Instagram video about how much it felt like faaaaallllllllllllll and I got to get out my vest. I love my vest. Not sure if it breaks the rules to break it out mid-Fast. But it’s my party and I’ll be warm if I want to.)

Day 12


So…I couldn’t find my Friday jeans today. By not wearing them, I learned that they’re actually my least favorite pair, so we’ll see if they make it back into the rotation for the rest of the Wardrobe Fast. I have two other pairs that I like, and that seems like enough for me.

I also don’t relish wearing this tshirt. I love you, NY Times, but crewnecks just aren’t my thing. I love this side effect of the Wardrobe Fast: by being forced to rewear my clothes, I get a better sense of how I really feel about them. If I weren’t doing the Fast, I probably wouldn’t reach for this tshirt for quite a while. Then, I would remember it, wear it for a day, wash it, and not wear it again for a long time because it bothered me all day.

But the isolated nature of the incident wouldn’t register “I don’t like crewnecks” in my brain, and I might keep buying them. And not wearing them, reaching for (or worse, longing/shopping for) something else.

Knowing yourself, your likes, your dislikes, and your body means making better choices when it comes to clothes, which means less waste and overbuying–and for the shopaphobic among us, less time thinking about clothes in general!




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