Hello! My name is Michelle Jorgenson. I’m married to a science professor and homeschool our three kids. Sometimes it irks me that women start their biographies with their people, as if women’s lives aren’t any bigger, but at the same time…these are my people. And my whole life does center around them.

But I have also found that running a household can leave a delicious measure of margin (especially as my housekeeping standards are middling). In previous seasons, this has led to the writing of a (decent but not great) novel, a book about the problem of fast fashion from a Christian perspective, and essays and half-attempted blogs along the way.

And always, always reading. Books have been my lifeline in seasons of loneliness or growth or waiting or anything else. I may not “think, therefore I am,” but I read and therefore I think and write.

When your husband is willing to drive 30 minutes to a different Kroger because rumor has it they have your favorite snack as a kid (Dunkaroos!), you know he’s a keeper.

Above all else, I am a Christian. I am fully convinced that the Bible is the overarching story of a Creator God who made people in his own image, and who is working all things out to rescue his beloved after they turned away from him. This love informs my thinking and actions, a wrestling that you’ll see play out in these pages.

I’m so happy you’re here and would love to hear from you any time!

Most affectionately,


Oh dear. Two dessert themed photos. Do you see the pattern?

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