I’m ready to write a bunch of crappy stuff.

I deleted my Instagram account a while back. Not deleted the app off my phone, like deep dive, do it from a web browser, face the blue “Are you super duper sure you wanna do this?” button. It was my only regular writing outlet. I had established a good rhythm: three posts a week–one aboutContinue reading “I’m ready to write a bunch of crappy stuff.”

What I Would Have Said at Graduation

The weirdest thing happened senior year. I was chosen as a student speaker for graduation. No no no, that’s not the weird part. I was in speech and plays and used to speaking in front of people, so that part made sense. It got weird when I suddenly wasn’t on the speaking list anymore. (WhichContinue reading “What I Would Have Said at Graduation”

Book Review: How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind

Do you ever feel like an idea is chasing you? Like when you buy a new car and suddenly see that make and model everywhere? I’m being hit over and over again by the idea of assigning tasks to days of the week. I read a post somewhere about Ma Ingalls and her ditty aboutContinue reading “Book Review: How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind”