Wardrobe Fast Day 2

I’m joining the Write 31 Days Challenge hosted by Crystal Stine to get my blog juices flowing and chronicle my Wardrobe Fast journey. You can find the first post in the series here.


Day 2

Top: Thrifted Boden via Poshmark

Jeans: same as yesterday

Shoes: Chuck Taylors, purchased new May 2018

My #1 reason for buying better (which, as you can see, usually looks like buying used)? How people who make stuff are treated. When I saw The True Cost documentary, I had no extra money to blow on clothes anyway, so it was sort of a moot point.

But, by God’s grace, we’re not in the same financial place we once were. And it would be easy (like, so much easier) to just buy cheap stuff off the rack–particularly the clearance rack. But after seeing images like this:


(unregulated workshop in Bangladesh, 2015 – DailyMail)

and this:20100627_20100622_june12_cgt_nike_mediumsize

(workers on strike in Honduras, 2010 – wage increases since! – USAS)

and this:lib-convo-sweatshop-protests-e83a794a

(workers on strike in Cambodia, 2017 – Newsela)

and this:lMFktEEGckxIZVu-800x450-noPad

(Rana Plaza factory collapse fallout, 2013 – Change.org)

I’m no bigwig. I don’t have capital or influence or a business or a stake in the fashion game. But as a Christian, called to love my neighbor and care for the poor, I can’t knowingly perpetuate such a broken system. That’s where the Wardrobe Fast comes in, but only as a first step.

There’s so much more that can be done, but everybody’s gotta start somewhere, right?

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